Welcome Bags!

So many of our Brides this year are asking us about welcome bags for their guests. Blissful Events loves a good welcome bag! We put together this welcome bag assortment for one of our June Brides who hails from Brooklyn, NY but is having her wedding in Massachusetts. Each item was meticulously thought out…

what’s in the welcome bag?

Greetings from Massachusetts post card
Cranberry juice- Massachusetts state drink
Hangover Kit- “in sickness and in health”
Cape Cod Potato Chips- factory in Hyannis, MA
Boston Red Sox Peanuts – we think they speak for themselves… GO SOX!
“Boston” baked beans candy
Autocrat Coffee Syrup- what new Englander doesn’t love a nice glass of “cawfee” milk?
Mermaid bottle opener
Fig Newtons- named after Newton, MA
Honey soap- made in MA
Lobster pop- YUM!
Yacht Club birch soda- made in New England
and a Lobster bib!
ullian welcome bags 1.jpg

Happy Planning!
Blissful Events

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