Entertaining for the Holidays? 3 Styling Tips for your Home Décor

When it comes to the holiday’s it’s enough to have to worry about cooking a fancy roast, let alone your décor. Here are a few fun and inexpensive tips to make your house look like a million bucks this year.

1. Place Cards for Everyone. Seating plans may see formal but they actually make guests feel more comfortable (which is why we love them for weddings too). Take the guessing out of seating by transforming the traditional place card into something fun and creative just by taking a look in your fridge. Printing names in a simple script font on a piece of extra card stock and securing them into an artichoke is a great way to add a unique touch to your table (and for less than $1).


2. Go with a theme. Bring together a unified style to your home by thinking about colors, textures and patterns. I was able to achieve the perfect balance of shabby chic by incorporating lots of burlap throughout my design as you can see on the tree and mantle. A mix of textures came from the leather sofa paired with soft pillows mixed with nature inspired elements such as the wooden coffee table and grape vine ornaments. I kept everything from going too far country by adding a dash of modern with block print pillow covers and metal accents such as the serving tray I re-purposed to feature my floral centerpiece. It all works without being over the top so my advice is; don’t try and match EVERYTHING. The staples in your room (floor coverings, drapes etc.) should be neutral and timeless. They should not only transcend time but be able to blend well with different décor options for different seasons.

3. Lighting, lighting lighting. From a simple string of lights and a glowing Christmas tree to some mercury glass votives, lighting can really help set the tone and mood of your next dinner party or event. Overhead lighting can be harsh so help make your guests feel comfortable by simply lighting a candle. Don’t forget to incorporate lights in cozy nooks of your house where someone might like to sneak off for a quick nap (after a full belly) or a quiet conversation.


If it’s a style you’re having a hard time achieving or more importantly a feeling you just can’t seem to get right in your home. Don’t worry, Blissful Events can help. Learn more about our range of styling services and how we can help transform your space. Happy styling!

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