Trending: What’s Trending Right Now…

With the new year in full effect and most of the award shows broadcasted; from the Golden Globes, to the most recent Oscars…It is time for Blissful Events to provide a compilation of what is trending right now for dresses. This is for all you brides who haven’t quite picked out a dress or the newly engaged obsessively pinning.

Trending- Our Favorite Celebrity Picks:

Plunging necklines are all the rage right now and we foresee this trending carrying throughout the year, or possibly becoming a staple for years to come. We saw this jaw dropping style spread throughout the award show season as well, from the likes of the sophisticated J. Lo to the unconventional Nicki Minaj. See what J. Lo, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Nicki Minaj all have in common:

Trending- Our Favorite Bridal Picks:

We have picked our favorites from this year’s shows and have chosen our top 4 plunging neckline wedding dresses. ”I die” as Celebrity Stylist, Rachel Zoe would say… which one would you die for?


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