Favors…to do or not to do, that is the question!

Last week we received a lot of inquiries from our clients about wedding favors; “What should we do for favors? Do we need to do favors?” Our answer…no; simply put it is not a requirement to provide your guests with a wedding favor. If your wedding etiquette book is telling you otherwise, it is dated. So long are the times that wedding favors are a must have. Today is the day of the welcome bag craze which we believe for destination weddings is a nice way to welcome your guests as well as say thank you for traveling to be with you! Inviting your guests to be a part of your special day, and providing them with a night out is a favor in itself! However if your guests are traveling to be with you, a special token is a nice gesture! But may we suggest making it something tangible, and something they can use! For example food… who wouldn’t like to roll over in bed the next day in their hangover stupor to a bunch of goodies from some of their favorite people: the newlyweds!
One of our favorites is this hangover kit that we used as a part of a recent welcome bag we put together, from Everlong Events Etsy Shop

Hangover kit
Hangover kit by Everlong Events

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