9/22/2012 – We hired Brandi based on a recommendation we received from an experienced Block Island wedding planner. Brandi could not have been more helpful or wonderful. She helped me prior to the day of the wedding by keeping me organized and giving me useful tips and insights. On the day of the wedding, she jumped right in and was a perfect fit. She handled all of the little details my bride brain could not even begin to process, and she did it all in a most un-intrusive way. I knew she cared for many of the small details, but she did so very quietly, and thus without stressing me out or giving me more to worry about. Without Brandi there that day, I would have been a ball of nerves, and the perfect day that was my wedding day would not have been so perfect. I was able to enjoy my wedding day so much more because Brandi was there.

I highly recommend Brandi. She’s very good at what she does; you’ll never know she was even there but for all of the many little and important details that are accomplished without your knowledge.

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