9/14/2013 – Brandi is one of my favorite people ever!! Not only because she’s amazing at what does but because she’s an amazing person all around! She’s so caring and giving!! When I contacted Brandi and told her what I was looking for she didn’t hesitate to create a custom package for us since her standard ones didn’t fit the bill. She also did a phone chat with me since she couldn’t meet right away due to an upcoming vacation. That impressed me considering I would have thought she’d blow it off until after her trip. Talking to her that night was like talking to a friend. When we finally met, I knew she was the one. We bonded over our puppies and the rest is history! She was always there for me when I needed to talk about things for the wedding and drama in regards to the wedding and even things in my personal life, always made me feel better! She always responded to emails within a day, went to all of our design appointments and helped me turn my vision into reality. She even texted me pictures when she was out if she saw something I might like. We had multiple meetings that were more like girls day/night out instead of wedding planning but that was totally okay with me! She made me see that some of my ideas were a bit crazy or not fit for our wedding and put up with my mind constantly changing. I was having a tough time finding a florist and she took it upon herself to contact 3 other florists and get quotes for me. She didn’t have to do that. She knew what I wanted down to the tee, and we ended up going with someone she chose. I should have let her pick from the start. Rehearsal night I was stressing about the first look spot and she said let me take care of it, she did and it was perfect!!! Throughout the wedding day, she let my husband and I know what we needed to and were we needed to be but most of all let us enjoy our wedding. We had nothing go wrong the entire night, she took care of everything! The wedding looked more beautiful that I ever expected and none of that would have been possible without Brandi!! I didn’t just gain a wedding planner, and the best one at that, but I gained a true friend, and a friendship that I hope lasts forever!!

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