4/27/2013 – About 5 months before our wedding, the idea of hiring a day of wedding coordinator crossed my mind. I had already booked & hired most vendors and started DIY projects…but none of that was going to help me ensure that all would run smoothly on the day of the actual wedding. I felt in control of most things at that point, but on the day of the wedding I needed someone to do everything for me, that I couldn’t (and didn’t want) to do. And that’s where Blissful Events came in! I corresponded with several wedding coordinators and based on what was offered and the gut feeling I had after speaking with Brandi, I knew she was it. From phone calls and emails, to in-person meetings, to the final walk through of the venue, she listened, asked questions, and offered suggestions I hadn’t thought of. She was there to meet our wedding party and go over the ceremony at the rehearsal, and was a calming, yet “in charge” presence on the day of the wedding – exactly what I wanted. If you are on the fence, I would recommend looking into having a day of coordinator – Brandi’s coordination with our vendors, detailed “day of” timeline, creativity with decor in the reception, and transport of our gifts to our hotel was a godsend. I can guarantee that if she wasn’t there I would’ve been running around trying to manage and fix things, which is the opposite of what I did – complete enjoyment. The last thing I will say is that if something does not go according to plan, Brandi will take care of it and you won’t even need to know about it!

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